03 June, 2011

Little Brother

is anyone know how it feels have a little brother? or a little sister?
is it nice? or annoyed?

i don't know how it feel 'cause i'm a last child. i have one older sister and one older brother but i don't have a little one. the little that i have only CATS. yeah, i mean a lot of cat. i have 9 cats.

this time let me introduce you my little brother
he is.....

MY CAT!! called Gehu

maybe you'll be like this:
"what? cat? your little brother?
but, yeah he is my little brother. since i don't have little brother and he is extremely close to me so he is my little brother

One night, i was in front of computer, writing something in this blog and he came up and he meowed to me. i talked to him "what's up buddy?" but he just meowed. and he descended the stairs and a few minutes later he came again and meowed to me (again). i talked to myself "is he ask me to follow him?" so, i turned off the computer and i followed him descended the stairs and i sat in front of TV and than he laying down in my thigh and he fall asleep. and than i talked to myself (again) "god! he just want that i lap him till he fall asleep"

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  1. Kucing gue mulai beranak...ntah siapa yang ngebuntingin..huft!


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