22 June, 2011

De Vacances: The Journey

after 9 days not at home, not in town, not in island, finally I'M HOME!! *random dancing* \('o' )\ /( 'o')/ /(._. )/ \( ._.)\ ~(`v`~) (~`v`)~

You know where i going??




Meanwhile my home is in...



it's a very very very long journey. and the journey was very very exhausting, freezing, hot, stiff and many more. since i like traveling so i enjoyed it. But, i tell you why the journey was exhausting, freezing, hot, stiff

exhausting: we (my school group and i) departed from Bandung, West Java using train at 9th June 2011, 7pm to Surabaya, East Java. we arrived at 8am and then, continue using bus to Ketapang port. After that, we using ferry to cross to Gilimanuk Port, Bali and continue using ferry (again) to cross to Lombok. And during the journey, we didn't sleep on bed. we just sleep in train, bus, and ferry. We stayed in Lombok just for ONE NIGHT!! really really awful. after that we crossed back to Bali using ferry (again and again) and i thank God that we stayed in Bali for THREE NIGHTS! half of awful and half of kind.

freezing: as i tell you up there, we using train from Bandung to Surabaya and the train is using air conditioner. and as i tell you again, we departed at 7pm. when we in to train carriages the temperature is only 20 degrees celcius that's the normal temperature for the room that using air conditioner but, when it's getting late the temperature is decreased slowly. at 1am i saw the temperature was about 16 or 17 degrees celcius. can you imagine what it feel in the train?? no, you don't have to imagine that you have to feel it. and then, we using bus and the bus is using air conditioner (again). then we check in to the hotel and again and again the room in the hotel is using AIR CONDITIONER.

hot: you know, Lombok and Bali is a small island so the temperature is really really hot. and every place that we visited, most of them is BEACH and the beach is HOT. because we are a group and we come with 6 buses, some place can't load our buses so sometime we have to walked to get the destination. walked in the middle of the day is HOT.

stiff: we're not meet bed for TWO NIGHTS until we check in to hotel in Lombok. and we're  not meet bed (again) for TWO NIGHTS (again) until we arrived in Bandung. and for the trip from one place to other place sometimes it gets long time and we just sat in the bus. our bottom became flat because of that. and we can't stretch our legs there's more! we can't get enough rest in the bus even in the hotel

so, this is the end of my post about The Journey i hope you not afraid to come to Lombok and Bali 'cause all of those thins will paid off with the VIEW. you have to believe me. i mean it!

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