01 June, 2011


have i tell you about my sister? i guess no
ok then i'll you about her

She's older than me
She's beautiful with her glasses
She's beautiful with her vail
She's a cheery girl
She's my bestfriend
She's love taking picture
we have a similar face

She like taking me hang out. When i was still in elementary school she take me to the cinema for watching NARNIA: The wardrobe, The witch, and The lion. That's was the first time i'm going to cinema. In my life. With her. My sister.

Sometimes she angry on me without reason but, that's what i miss from her. I miss her so much, 'cause now she have a job in other city

isn't she beautiful??

ps: sist, sorry for downloading your photo from you facebook without your permission 'cause i don't have your newest photo

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