12 July, 2011

It's Late! But It's OK

Last night, i was in 2nd floor with my brother watching YouTube and then my mom called me. She said there's my friend in front of my house. I saw Tria. she standing outside with right hand in back. Then she gave me a gift!! A GIFT!! oh my, God!
"sorry, i can give it now. sorry for being late. ooh i'm sad"
"oh dear, it's ok. why you sad??"

"i don't know. sorry"
"it's ok. thank you very much !!"

Actually the gift is from Tria and Dinda but Dinda can't make it. it's late 1 month and 16 days from my birthday. i thought they forgot to give me a surprise. but it's just late THANK YOU!! SOOOOO MUCH!!!

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