29 July, 2015

Sorry for the posts

how was your day?
mine Alhamdulillah zuper fine :D

this post is just to tell you sorry for the last posts about that online shop which might be bothering you to see.

I didn't know about it until I received an email that someone has left a comment and ask why my blog posting so much about that online shop and stuffs. I actually joining newsletter to the online shop, but I don't know it also post their offers to my blog (cry)

I already stop the newsletter and tell them that it bothering me if the newsletter also post automatically to my blog. Hope they fix it soon. Please, do left a comment if the online shop still make some post to this blog so I can send an email to the developer about it.

that is all for now. and sorry for not posting something in a few months. currently I am busy with my colab project with my friend. I'll tell about it later.

so, here I give you cat pic to brighten up your day ^^

Missy The Hijab Cat
Thank you so so so so so much!


  1. masih ada tuh postingan olshop nya

  2. masih ada tuh postingan olshop nya

  3. Kucing tetangga udah ada yang ngajakin ta'aruf belum ? :))


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