26 October, 2015

Love is Not What You Speak

let's talk about love, everyone!
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have you ever asking to your Mom, Dad, or your siblings about how much they love you??
for me, asking that kind stuff is pointless. I mean... why on earth they didn't love me after I know what they gave me? Mom is giving me birth. Dad is giving me cloths, my Sis giving me shoes and other stuffs, my Bro dropping or picking me up me somewhere with his bike (even he has to be force first)

but hey, they still doing it even it hurts them, tired them, pissed them, and annoy them. doesn't it means that they loves me? well, yes of course. do I love them back? yes, of course. but do I say that "I love you" to them directly? No. why should I? because the only need is show them what you feel. not only tell them that you love them. like what? study well, eat well, and ask them how are they, and other kind stuff.

now let's move on to next subject (subject?!)
yes, the main topic of this post!

same question: have you ever asking to your loved one how much he/she (in my case, him) love you? like... of course you have, and of course I have. even it only once or twice.
then what the answer?
"i love you to the moon and back" ? or
"i love you like no one before" ? or
"i love you like a love song" ? or
other answer? what you got?

I did asking the question. but not directly throw him a question "how much do you like me? how much do you love me?" but with other question that referring to that kind of question. then, what his answer is pretty scary but so damn true: "Love is something that you feel, not what you speak." he said. well, I mean, he replied my LINE like that.

he means, I didn't need to ask how much he likes me and how much he loves me. all I need is just feel it. not ask about it. what I feel then?

I feels.... loved (?)
ah, how to explain it?
I mean, he is there every time I need. he is there every time I don't have any friends to eat. he is there even though I always pundung for nothing. he told me if I did something wrong (like asking that kind of question hahaha). he makes me laugh for his garing jokes. he knows how to make me smile, 'cause I rarely smiling, because my default mouth is not kind (?). he push me to eat a lot because i'm just a 21yo girl with 43kgs of weight man...

like so...
uuh... anyway, this is just my case. your loved one might be happy to answer that kind of question and you like to asking that kind of question, so this post is nothing to you. but you know, now I enjoying this kind of relationship. because I need to think harder to say "I love you" or "I miss you" and it's getting more tense than I said it directly.

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